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Folding Wood Chair   


Folding Wood Chair
Yellow Balau


Folding Wood Chair
  Yellow Balau

Folding Wood Chair   

Folding Wood Chair
Meranti - Florence


 Folding Wood Chair  


Folding Wood Chair  
Kettler -


  Folding Wood Chair  
Yellow Balau

Table Rotimber - Kettler
107+60 = 167cm
Table  Red Shorea
x80x H75cm

Table  Yellow Balau       
=230x 100cm

Table  Yellow Balau    




                         KWILA is a tropical hardwood that is found throughout South East Asia, and is the material of choice for outdoor furniture in Australia and New Zealand. Kwila is a straight-grained wood with a dark brown colour similar to walnut. Kwila has a hardness factor of 8.6 making it one of the strongest and most durable outdoor timbers in the world. The high oil content of Kwila wood makes it weather resistant and pest resistant while its high density and hardness make it perfect for garden furniture.
                    TEAK (Tectona grandis)
Nature builds teak to last, so it's not surprising that it's the premier choice of timber for outdoor furniture and is also widely used on ships for decking, because of its naturally high oil content and resistance to rot. This high oil content, combined with a close grain gives Teak a beautiful characteristic look and a silky textured feel. Teak combines its beautiful appearance with a strength and durability that is unequalled by any other timber and withstands the rigors of adverse climate while weathering attractively.
                    IROKO HARDWOOD (Chlorophora excelsa)
A highly valued kiln dried timber from West Africa that possesses many of the fine qualities of teak. It is a very durable hardwood with a long life span and is naturally resillient to changes in climate, has excellent strength properties and is used extensively in exterior carpentry including marine uses. Left untreated, Iroko will naturally turn a soft, silvery grey and should be cleaned with soapy water. Alternatively, it may be treated using teak oil to help preserve and protect the look of the wood.
                    CHO CHI (Parashorea)
This timber has similar properties to Iroko but is different in colour and less expensive, offering excellent quality and value for money. It has been specially treated and prepared to adapt to our climate and is obtained from managed forests under the strict control of the Vietnamese government, to ensure protection and reforestation. To keep this wood looking like new, simply rub with a fine sandpaper, then apply teak oil to bring out its natural beauty.
                    KERUING HARDWOOD (Dipterocarpus)
Keruing is less expensive than most other hardwoods. It is denser than oak, maple or teak which makes it quite resistant to shock and it is extremely hard wearing. Keruing is considered moderately durable, placing it in the same classification as African Mahogany and Douglas Fir. It has a straight grain, even texture and is reddish brown in colour. As well as being used to make furniture, it is also used in heavy structural designs and for flooring.
                     SWEDISH REDWOOD
Our Peter Smith range of outdoor furniture and bridges offers comfort and durability, using only the best kiln-dried Swedish Redwood, managed from sustainable forests. It is easy to maintain, using a wood preserver once or twice a year.
Shorea, grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, is stronger and heavier than teak but because of the large quantity available, is usually priced lower. Both jarrah wood and shorea will last up for up to 50 years.


More than a barbeque, a part of your garden!!


Barbeque  46-36

Easy-to-clutch trestle legs
Anti-scratch chromed grid with handles, height adjustable in 3 positions, steel aluminated charcoal grid
Weight 7 Kg, Height 70 cm


Barbeque  500

Steel column, stainless steel windshield with anti-scratch safety-edge, chromed grid, anti-scratch, with handles, adjustable in 3 positions, steel aluminated charcoal grid
Weight 9,6Kg, Height 87 cm


Barbeque  Topazio G

Four legs frame with 15 cm diameter wheels, front net panel, bottom and side wooden tables, tank support, 1 burner, cooking on chromed grid with lava rock, Ignitor, grease tray, steel panted frame and lid
Weight 18,3Kg, Height 85 cm


Barbeque  2 Eco

Steel bowl and lid, cooking on chromed grid with lava rock, foldable side tables, painted steel frame with 15cm diameter wheels, Ignitor, 2 burners
Weight 23Kg, Height 90 cm


Barbeque   2 M

Painted steel bowl and lid, cooking on chromed grid with lava rock, foldable side tables, painted steel frame with 17,5cm diameter wheels, Ignitor, 2 burners, window-heat indicator
Weight 23Kg, Height 90 cm


Barbeque  3 Eco

Painted steel bowl and lid, cooking on chromed grid with lava rock, foldable side tables, painted steel frame with 17,5cm diameter wheels,  2 burners, one side burner with lid Ignitor
Weight 25Kg, Height 90 cm



Barbeque  2 w/s

Beech wooden frame with 20cm wheels, Foldable wooden side table, wooden bottom table, painted side basket, lid with handle two burners Ignitor
Suitable for two different types of cooking: cast iron plate and chromed grid + lava rock
Weight 40Kg, Height 90 cm


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